Pre-Configured with your call sign to be plug and play.

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The LePotato pre-configured kit is a plug and play solution to get your radio station online rapidly with zero configuration.

The price includes either a 6 or 12 month subscription to the RemoteTx service and shipping within the continental US, Alaska or Hawaii. Adding a wifi adapter is also an option.

Once you have purchased the LePotato kit, complete the STATION ACTIVATION form with the necessary information to have your site activated and the LePotato configured and shipped to you.

The LePotato Kit includes:

  • LePotato logic board (2Gb Model)
  • Case
  • Power Supply (CanaKit microUSB RPi model)
  • Micro SD Card (8Gb) preconfigured for your radio web site.
  • Optional Wifi Adapter ($10 option)