Ham Radio Remote Control from Anywhere.

New Icom 7300 / 7610 / 705 Spectrum Scope Interface

The RemoteTx® ham radio remote control system is an economical way to control your amateur radio station through the Internet with a phone, tablet, Mac or PC. There are 3 main parts to the solution.

  1. AT STATION: A Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+ / 4B (RPi) appliance running RemoteTx software (free download) at your station connected to your radio (USB) and the Internet (ethernet). (The RPi is NOT provided by RemoteTx.) (RPi 5 not supported at this time.)
  2. REMOTE CONTROL CLIENT: A mobile phone, laptop or tablet running a compatible Internet browser with broadband or LTE cellular Internet access.
  3. An active RemoteTx service SUBSCRIPTION linked to the operator’s call sign. This connects the radio station and the remote operator.
  • Remote control (radio control, audio and power control) is achieved by opening an Internet browser and going to:
  • More Details: How It Works

Compatible Control devices include:

  • Apple iPhone or iPad with Safari browser (ios 11+)
  • Android phones or tablets with Chrome browser
  • Windows 7+ with Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser
  • Apple Mac with Chrome or Safari browsers
  • Chrome OS


  • Conveniently operate your station with a smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Both radio control and 2 way audio are integrated in an intuitive web browser app.
    No additional software such as Mumble, Skype or Teamviewer is required. (See Demos)
  • Plug and Play network setup. (No special firewall configuration. Works with CGN.)
  • No dedicated PC required at station.
  • Low cost, widely available standard hardware (Raspberry Pi or new LePotato)
  • Low Internet bandwidth requirement: About 80 kbps (0.08 M) max.
    Works well on a smartphone with a cellular connection.
  • Radio Power Control.
  • One low cost subscription for all supported radios.
  • Network traffic secured with SSL encryption.
  • Global network optimization. Subscription account is placed nearest to your station’s worldwide location to optimize network performance.
  • CW Text Keyer (Icom 7300 / Elecraft K3 /KX2/KX3) (See Screenshots)
  • Works with FT8 and digital modes. See: FT8 Guides