The RemoteTx ham radio remote control software is easy to set up. The first step is to create a micro sdcard with the RemoteTx software on it. This is done by downloading the RTX image file for your hardware platform below and then using the balenaEtcher software program to copy the image to a 8Gb or larger micro sdcard.

Balena Etcher Imaging Software (Windows / Linux)

Etcher utility imaging software download link. 

Raspberry Pi Imaging Software (Mac)

Raspberry Pi Imaging software download link.
Raspberry Pi Imager

Then, Download the RemoteTx image for your hardware platform by clicking on the links below.


Raspberry Pi Image:

RemoteTx micro sdcard image for Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+ / 4B – all models

LePotato Image: (Amazon Link)

RemoteTx micro sdcard image for LePotato 1G/2G model.

PC Flash USB boot Image:

RemoteTx USB image for PC’s that can boot from a USB drive.