IC-7300: Enable Emergency Tuner Mode

The IC-7300 has a nice feature that sets the tuner in a mode that allows a wider tuning range beyond the normal 3:1 match. For example: it has been verified that in Emergency tuner mode the radio will tune a 88ft dipole @ 25 ft on 80,40,30,20,17,15,12,10 and 6 meter bands.

Emergency tuner mode will limit power output to 50 watts even if the power setting is set higher than that.
See test results and video of stress test of Emergency Tuner Mode Here.

The screenshots below illustrate the menu setting choices to put it in this mode.

Press <<Restart to Set>> so that radio restarts in Emergency Mode.

The orange E-TUN icon will be displayed when the radio has been tuned in the Emergency Tuner Mode.