CW Text Keyer ScreenShots iPad/iPhone

The RemoteTx CW text keyer sends symbol streams directly to the radio’s internal cw code generator.

  • Normal mode (not Word Steam) mode sends up to 23 characters (KX2/KX3 limit) in a single request when the return key or send button is activated.
  • Word Stream mode sends a complete word after the space bar is pressed. This allows rapid typing of sentences for a fluid flow of conversation with each word being sent to the radio after each spacebar press.

10 macro buttons are pre-configured and are user editable by pressing the edit button. Changes are saved on the RPi  with the save button, so they persist across sessions and devices.

The keyer also works very nicely with a bluetooth keyboard attached to the iPhone or iPad.

The Word Stream function does not work properly with the built in keyboard with Android/Chrome devices because the built in keyboard browser keystroke events API are not captured correctly in Chrome. If you are on an Andriod, try using the FireFox browser instead. It usually does not have this problem. Also, if a bluetooth keyboard is used the Word Stream mode does work correctly in all browsers.

Using a CW Paddle with optional USB Remote Keyer adapter:
If you are interested in using a paddle keyer with RemoteTx, please take a look at the USB solution offered by Dave Kelly, AI7R:

iPad / iPhone CW Keyer Elecraft KX2 / KX3 screenshots:

iPhone – Edit Macros


iPad – built in keyboard


iPad – bluetooth keyboard


iPhone – built in keyboard


iPhone – bluetooth keyboard