Icom 7200 Quick Start

7200 Basic Radio Menu Settings:

CIV Baud: At

These are usually the default values.

See Icom 7300 Quick Start for detailed instructions for getting started with the RemoteTx interface.

7200 Specfic RemoteTx Settings:

The follow values have been found to work well but can be adjusted to personal preference.

These are controllable from RemoteTx once you have connected to the radio.

Compression must be on.
Comp Lvl: 3
Mod: U (This is important, modulation must come from usb)
USB Lvl: 30-50
(Adjust by watching you alc meter when transmitting. Can vary with the operating device’s mic and settings.)

7200 Power Control

The Icom 7200 CI-V command system does not allow powering up the radio with a remote command. RemoteTx, though, can be used to operate a relay that allows power control of a power supply that the 7200 is plugged in to. Please see:

Iot Relay on Amazon