Sign Up Process

Signing up for a RemoteTx radio station account is easy. The request form is found by clicking on the ‘Free Trial’ menu item above.

All necessary information for account set up is gathered by the request form. Please ensure information is accurate so account creation can be completed as smoothly as possible.  The account creation and setup steps are as follows:

  1. New user completes a Station Activation Request. (Click on ’30 DAY TRIAL’ menu item.)
  2. RemoteTx will validate information and set up a new station account in the RemoteTx cloud.
    The new station address will be: ‘’
  3. An email will be sent that includes an attached Raspberry Pi license key file (remotetx.conf) and the new station login and password.
  4. The new user will need to acquire a Raspberry Pi 3B,  3B+ or 4B and a 8Gb or larger micro sdcard. See RPi FAQs regarding different RPi models. See the Amazon lists at:     RPi 4B on Amazon
    RemoteTx also works with a new device called the LePotato. See: LePotato on Amazon
  5. The Raspberry Pi RemoteTx sdcard image file must be downloaded and copied to a 8Gb or larger micro sdcard using Etcher or a similar sdcard imaging software. (For Mac use Raspberry Pi Imager)
    Step by step sd Card directions with Etcher.
  6. The license key file (remotetx.conf) from step 3 must be copied to the boot folder on the sdcard when inserted in a windows PC or Macintosh computer.
  7. The sdcard can now be inserted in the RPi.
  8. The ethernet port on the RPi must be connected with an ethernet cable to an Internet connected router/switch; the radio must be plugged via a usb cable into one of the usb ports on the RPi, then the RPi can be powered up so it will boot. A monitor, keyboard and mouse are not necessary.
  9. Wait about 2 minutes for the RPi to boot the first time and establish a connection to the RemoteTx cloud through the Internet.
  10. Connect to your station by pointing a compatible Internet browser to:
  11. You will be asked for the login and password that were provided in step 3.
  12. You should be prompted to allow the browser to use the microphone. If this doesn’t happen there may be a problem with gaining access to the microphone by the browser.
  13. You should now be able to control the RPi even if your radio is not plugged in.
  14. Plug in your radio and refresh the browser to gain control of the radio.
  15. To switch the RPi to wifi please see: Operating Notes-Wifi