Special Keyboard Commands

There are special keyboard commands that allow convenient control of certain radio functions. These can be activated by invoking them directly from the keyboard, or can be programmed into other special keyboard accessories.


  • Toggle TX/RX


  • VFO-UP (selected digit)
    Right Arrow Key

    Left Arrow Key

  • MOVE SELECTED VFO DIGIT LEFT (greater vfo increment)


  • MOVE SELECTED VFO DIGIT RIGHT (lesser vfo increment)


  • Initiate TUNE cycle (like press tune button)
    Left Quote (located to the left of the 1 key on some US keyboards)


  • PTT
    Right Mouse Button
    Hold Down RMB for TX, Release for RX
  • Read VFO and Mode values using Icom Speech on Icom Panadapter interfaces.
    Left Control Button

There are many programmable control devices on the market such as knobs and mini keyboards. Several examples are:

Larger Knob on Amazon (1-5/8 in. dia.)
(This knob is programmable and works, some are not programmable!)
Knob Programming Details

Mini 3-Key Pad – USB

Mini 6-Key With Knob – USB
(A little tricky to program, but works well once setup. No manufacturer instructions.)

Mini 3-Key Pad – With BLUETOOTH
(Works very well. RemoteTx favorite.)

Mini 6-Key With Knob – With BLUETOOTH
(Very difficult to find programming software. Very nice once programmed. Contact RemoteTx if needed.)