USB VFO Knob Setup

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The USB knob has 6 programmable actions:

Clockwise (CW)
Counter Clockwise (CCW)
Press + Clockwise
Press + CounterClockwise
Long Press

These functions need to be programmed so they send the following Keyboard Commands to the computer.

1 Clockwise                             : Right Key                        (VFO UP)
2 Counterclockwise               : Left Key                  (VFO DOWN)
3 Press                                     : Backslash \         (Toggle TX/RX)
4 Press+Clockwise                : ]         (VFO Selected Digit Right)
5 Press+Counterclockwise  : [           (VFO Selected Digit Left)
6 Long Press                           : Tilde ~                     (Tune Radio)


Knob Programming Procedure with a PC:
The knob is very slow in programming mode. Turn it very slowly and be patient. It can be a bit frustrating but only needs to be done once and is worth the trouble.

  1. Start with the Knob unplugged from the computer
  2. Open up a text editor such as Notepad:
  3. Hold the Knob button DOWN while you plug it into a USB port on the computer and then RELEASE the button after 1 second.
  4. Within 10 seconds the programming menu will appear.
    Once the programming menu has appeared, DO NOT use the keyboard or mouse to make any changes in the notepad window. All choices must be made by turning and pressing the knob.

  5. With ‘Enter Setup Mode‘ selected, Press the Knob button for a second and release to go to Windows Mode.

    -Navigate menu choices up and down by turning the knob VERY slowly.
    -Select choices by pressing the knob button for a second and then releasing.
    -Be patient, the programming interface responds VERY slow.
  6. Steps to program Line 1 / Clockwise to be Right Key (change from Volume+)
    -With ‘1 Clockwise‘ selected, press (1 sec) and release the knob button.

    -With ‘2 Key‘ selected press and release the knob button.
    Wait a long time for about 200 choices to print out and then the cursor will settle down on ‘1 Volume+‘.

    -Very slowly rotate the knob clockwise so that the selection will move down the list.
    Keep going until you reach Right Key then stop.

    -With Right Key selected press and release the knob button.

    -Rotate the knob slowly clockwise so that [BACK] is selected.
    -Press and release the knob button.

    You have now successfully changed Line 1 / Clockwise to Right Key.
  7. Repeat the steps in # 6 for the remaining lines 2-6.
    It should look like the result below when you are done.
  8. Rotate the knob clockwise to select [Save & Quit] and then press and release the knob button.

  9. Unplug and replug the knob into the computer.

When you open up a browser with a RemoteTx radio interface, the knob will control the VFO setting of the radio.

Pressing and turning the knob will change which digit is selected for tuning.

A Short Press will toggle the radio to TX from Rx and back again with another press.

A Long Press will activate the tuner like pressing the tuner button on the RemoteTx interface.

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