Flic Configuration For Tx/Rx

The bluetooth Flic 2 Smart Button can be configured to activate the Tx/Rx button on the RemoteTx interface. Once the Flic is configured, it can be paired via bluetooth to an iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC to control starting and stopping radio transmission.

Steps to configure the Flic for RemoteTx:
  1. Install the Flic App on your phone.
  2. Prepare to program your Flic in ‘Flic Universal’ mode according to the directions on the Flic web site:
    Program it so when you click the button it sends the keyboard commands ‘1’ and ‘Return’.
    When done, it should look like the screenshot below:
  3. Click ‘Save and Disconnect’.
  4. Re-Pair your Flic with your phone or tablet or pc via bluetooth and then you can ‘press and release’ the button to toggle the RemoteTx radio between transmit and receive.
    Note: It is NOT a PTT, where you push and hold during transmission.